Individual Exhibitions

Passtime Paradise, Marginal Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

The Bird In My Hands, Herrero Studio, San José, Costa Rica

It’s for the birds, Die Diele, Zurich
Zimmerplfanzen in Residence,  Kunsthalle 3000/Kunstverein Langenhagen

El Hogar De Las Plantas, MADC, San José, Costa Rica
Efecto Invernadero, Alianza Francesa, San José Costa Rica

Going To/Coming From, Xchanges Gallery & Studios, Victoria BC
Plants in Residence, Open Space Arts Society, Victoria, BC
A Selection of Plants, Ministry of Casual Living, Victoria BC
House Plants On Tour, Ministry of Casual Living, Victoria BC
Una Superficie Tangible, The FiftyFifty Arts Collective, Victoria BC
Uno No Siente El Día, Michael J. Audain Gallery UVic, Victoria BC

Group Exhibitions


World’s Rainbow, Kunsthaus Baselland, Basel, Switzerland

Cubo Negro, MADC, San José, Costa Rica

Houseplant Portraits, Country SALTS, Basel, Switzerland

Hotel Simplon, Giulietta, Basel, Switzerland

Follow the Birds, étage 19, Nidau, Switzerland

Houseplant Portraits (w/Samuel Leuenberger), Villa Wenkenhof, Riehen, Switzerland

Emergency, AMORE, Basel, Switzerland

ACT Performance Festival, Arsenic, Lausanne, Switzerland

It Almost Felt Like the Voice of a Close Friend, curated by Julie Marmet, Geneva, Switzerland


Erbacce, Monza, Italy

"Hands that feed", re-performed by Thomas Geiger, part of 4th Festival of Minimal Actions, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, Austria 

Ärt, St. Alban-Anlage 67, Basel, Switzerland

This Thin Edge, la_cápsula, Zurich, Switzerland


Nature Distante, Centre d’art Neuchatel, Switzerland
DIGIT, Arad Art Museum, Romania
VOLUMES, Kunshalle Zurich, Switzerland
Ingesta, TEOR/ética, San Jose, Costa Rica

Launch, Enact, Berlin
House warming, Hamlet, Zurich, Switzerland
Water Yump, Museum Tinguely/Waldburger Wouters, Basel, Switzerland
La Tigra Performance Festival, Reunion, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

9-11/11- 9, MADC, San José, Costa Rica
Festival de Performance, Despacio, Costa Rica

Archivo Abierto, Fundación YAXS, Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala
Horizonte Rocola, as a part of the collective Islas Resonantes, X Bienal Centroamericana, Puerto Limón, Costa Rica
Recreaciones A-1/2016 Tras Aníbal López, Despacio, Costa Rica
D.I.Y LIFE: Art+Science+Ecology Fair, Victoria, BC
Between Amongst and Away, dc3 Art Projects, Edmonton AB
Iterations: UVic BFA Graduating Exhibition, University of  Victoria     
Approach, Michael J. Audain Gallery UVic, Victoria BC

Synergy, Vancouver Island School of Art, Victoria BC
Antimatter-media art, Deluge Contemporary Art, Victoria BC


REUNION CAN, Centre d’art Neuchatel, Neuchatel, Switzerland
Hotel Atelier, Message Salon, Zurich, Switzerland      
El ruido que precede el silencio, CCE Costa Rica
Karaoke Todos Los Días, Despacio, San José, Costa Rica
Alter Academia, TEOR/ética, San José Costa Rica


Insitut Kunst FHNW, MA, Visual Arts (2019-2021)
University of Victoria, BFA, Visual Arts (2013-16)
Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR) Faculty of Architecture (2012-13)

Workshops, Artist Talks & Performances

Los Bosques Posibles, Drawing workshop in collaboration with Ayami   Awazuhara, Despacio, San José, Costa Rica
En las grietas Crecen Helechos. Drawing workshop, in collaboration with Dominique Ratton, TEMPORAL, Panama

Artist Talk: ¿Why do we look at animals and plants? Centro Cultural de España, San José, Costa Rica
Artist Talk: Performing in Public Space, Universidad Hispanoamericana, San Jose, Costa Rica
Artist Talk, Xchanges Gallery & Studios, Victoria BC
Artist Talk, dc3 Art Projects, Edmonton AB

Artist Talk, FiftyFifty Arts Collective, Victoria BC

Proyecciones Impromptu + Festival Vimeo Escuela de Arquitectura UCR, San José

How to look at clouds: Shared Actions and Community Recreation
School of Environmental Studies UVic, Victoria BC